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Re: Do Fedora static page handle Multi-Language requests automatically?

Wilmer Jaramillo M. wrote:
Forwarded message To: fedora-websites-list redhat com too.

What possibility there is to translate the static page to
multilanguage and to make it available to the community? respond to
browser language requests with the corresponding translation via
'Accept-Language' request header field that it sends to the web server
and later with mod_negotiation module or anything.

For example, Apache web server would respond for the file
fedoraproject.org/index.html.es or fedoraproject.org/index.html.br if
the your browser preferred language is settting to Spanish or
Brazilian respectively.

Unfortunately the static pages were done very last minute (the finalized versions were done just a few days before F7). Now that the SoC stuff is in play, we're just waiting for damaestro to create a plone product for us. Once thats done we'll have a translation infrastructure in place to do this.


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