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Re: Backups

Nils Breunese wrote:
Mike McGrath wrote:

We're starting to get into backup needs that will include a lot of data
thats not redundant so backuppc's pooling won't really benefit us that

Ok, fair enough. I thought there was talk of having static content on
multiple servers, that's where BackupPC's pooling feature could come in
pretty handy, but I have no idea about what amounts of data we're talking.

Yeah but over time thats become a much smaller percentage of our overall backup needs. Our one-off binary files have grown much faster than our smaller static content files have.
Hopefully we'll be using both tape and disk backups.  Once our new disk
tray gets in we'll have to prepare to backup a couple TB of Binary
RPMs.  Some of our backups will be going to disk, some will be going to
tape.  Additionally it seems that bacula is more efficient at backing
things up.

Efficient in term of what precisely? And what backend are we using with
BackupPC right now?

In terms of how long it takes to do the backups and how much load it requires. BackupPC is written in perl.


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