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Re: RFR: GIT Package VCS

Jeffrey C. Ollie wrote:
With F8T1 fast approaching (it's currently scheduled to be released on 1
August 2007) we need to get cracking on a new VCS system.  I've been
working on converting the CVS repositories to GIT on some spare hardware
that I've had laying around.  I think that it's at a stage where input &
testing from the community is needed to move the project forward.
Therefore I'd like to request a test Xen host to move the repository


More information about the repository I've been setting up can be found


I'm glad this is started back up. One thing that amuses me is back before the F7 launch it almost seemed assured that we would all go with mercurial. This line isn't so clear now, a lot of people have been using git. It seems our future is either going to be A) do nothing and continue with CVS or B) move to HG or Git.

One thing that will be tricky about this is that we'll be completely re-designing how we use our source management. Its not just removing cvs and plugging in some other technology in its place. I think Jesse and Jeremy may have had something particular in mind for this but I'm not sure. The hurdles as I see them are:

Making sure checkouts and commits don't take forever
Good tagging abilities

What else is there?


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