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Re: Fedora 7 Upgrade

Toshio Kuratomi wrote:

What is the reason for those boxes to be on Fedora instead of RHEL?  If
it's because FC6 had things not in RHEL4 maybe we can make a switch to
RHEL5 at some point.  If the reason is we want the flexibility of moving
to the latest code along with Fedora instead of waiting for RHEL to
upgrade/backport then perhaps they should be on the latest Fedora where
the latest code is more likely to land sooner.

In the case of the app servers running TurboGears, I think that it was a
lack of TG requirements on RHEL4 that held us back.  I also think we're
close to having TG for RHEL5 so we might want to move test servers to
RHEL5, check that the applications run there, and then move the app
servers handling those to RHEL.

This is very true as well, I've not tested the TG status in RHEL5. Has anyone else? Luke?


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