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Re: A bit of an intro

Jasper, Brandon R STS2(SS) NSSC BANGOR WA, 00W wrote:
My name is Brandon Jasper and I'm a CTN2(SS) (Crypto Tech Networking,
submarine qualified) in the US Navy.  I've been a Red Hat user for a
long time and in fact it was the first Linux distro I used.  I saw the
infrastructure team and since I'm not heavy on programming it fits with
what I can do to contribute to the project.  I've been a sysadmin on an
SSN (nuclear fast attack submarine) and in a detachment working on
underwater robotics.  I'm currently the assistant information assurance
manager for the pacific SSBN (strategic missile submarines) fleet.  I've
got a number of cast off servers sitting around my office and though I
can't make any firm commitments I am going to try to drop the paperwork
to get one.  If I can get one I'll set it up to help out with the
project, if not I'll still be glad to help where I can.

Well welcome, if you can make it to our meeting today at 4 Eastern that would be great, if not just keep tabs on the list and let us know if anything in particular interests you. You can also just contact one of the officers and say "Hey, I want to help give me something to do"



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