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Re: Fedora 7 Upgrade

Jesse Keating said the following on 06/07/2007 08:53 AM Pacific Time:
On Thursday 07 June 2007 11:49:57 Mike McGrath wrote:
I agree, I had no plans on upgrading any of our RHEL boxes (except for
cvs and db1 but will stay in the RHEL upgrade path).  For those of you
that are new on the list we've had a lot of discussions about this in
the past.  Our team, for the most part, agrees that its about picking
the right tool for the job.  For boxes that don't need brand new
technologies (like cvs) its nice to be able to set them up and forget
about them.  But for some boxes that do need the latest and greatest
(like our builders) we've always had and kept them on Fedora.

With RHEL5 out, I question the need for Fedora on the builders. In fact, before the merge, all the internal Core builders were running RHEL4. Can we not use RHEL5 on the builders now?

What are the arguments against "eating our own dogfood" and running on FedoraX? I know there are probably good reasons, but thought it would be good to get it out in the open as others less informed (like myself) will probably ask :)


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