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Re: cacti public

On 6/11/07, Mike McGrath <mmcgrath redhat com> wrote:
Flatfender wrote:
> There's no GPL version yet, but one may be in the works.  I still
> don't really understand the difference if we donate an appliance
> versus someone else donating a switch or load balancer, etc.
> I'll keep you posted if we the decision goes through for a GPL release.

Its mostly just viability.  I'm not aware of any great open source
switches.  And as far as load balancing goes much of it is done with
mod_proxy_balancer these days and is included with apache.  Seriously
though, we do appreciate the offer.


OK, viability point is valid and taken.  Switch/Load balancer might
have been a poorer argument.  But to me an appliance in my mind is a
distinguishing factor over just offering a software solution.  It
would be more equivalent to saying you'd have to give up your Netapp
disk space.  Isn't that just a big disk appliance that's donated?

I won't belabor the argument any more :)


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