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Re: Fedora Magazine RFR

Anand Capur wrote:
I already did, but i'd be happy to remove it (group). A xen instance sounds
good (I am experienced with all the command line/ssh stuff, so I wouldn't
need much help). I plan on using the group for tracking, and to ensure that the cla_done group is completed by the contributers (it is a magazine that
will be under a no-copyright, so as the wiki needs we would need that
agreement signed also).

I'm extremely surprised and worried that you could create a FAS group... (not your fault). I'd like to hear what others think about this proposal. Also, right now is it just you doing the work or do you have an interested team and support group?

I will be providing it in multiple formats, not only
flash. Flash would just enhance the viewing experience, but in NO way would
be required!!!
I think many would argue that if it doesn't work with a default fedora install, we shouldn't use it. Fedora as an organization values freedom... as well as stable FireFox installs ;-)


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