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Re: Our SCM

+1 on the cleanup

Regarding, changing the actually SCM, do we need anything that CVS doesnt offer ?
If we do, then lets discuss options, if we dont, then let's stick with it.


On 6/18/07, Mike McGrath <mmcgrath redhat com> wrote:
So there's a great deal of discussion about the Fedora Packaging SCM its
time we look at the Infrastructure SCM.  We now host cvs, hg, git and
svn.  For our configuration management we're using for our development.
For many items we've actually created hosted sites (smolt, mirror
manager) seems appropriate for these project which, in theory, are
useful to others.  But what about some of our other development where a
hosted project would be wasted?  This would be like, kindofblue (our
wiki theme) or a plone plugin.  We're using cvs for this right now in
the fedora repo.  I think we should do some clean up on this repo but
while we're doing its good to evaluate whether or not to move to
something else or to continue using it.



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