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Re: Fedora Magazine RFR

Anand Capur wrote:
So it sounds like the software you'd like to use have changed quite a
bit in the progress of this thread.  Please update your RFR with a full
list of exactly what packages you need to do this.

eGroupware (which I will package for Fedora if needed).
You'll need to get it into Fedora.
   * Web Server: Apache 2.2.4
   * PHP 5.2.2
   * Database Server: MySQL 5.0.41
Our production DB MySQL instance will be 5.0.22 that ships with RHEL5 after we upgrade it.
   * Mail Server: Postfix
   * DNS Server: BIND9 (chrooted)
We host DNS already
   * FTP Server: pureftpd
We don't do ftp
   * POP3/IMAP server: Dovecot
We do not host email

I don't mean to rain on your parade but this is a very lofty goal, I'd recommend working with the docs team and see if you can get some more support, http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject/Magazine. If you're going to use eGroupware it'll have to be packaged and approved in Fedora before we can use it in our infrastructure.


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