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Re: Our SCM

seth vidal wrote:
So I was wondering if it might be possible to reverse the model a bit.
Why not make it so our buildsys and related pieces can easily pull from
upstream's scm's.

This seems to be the best way to take advantage of distributed SCM's to me, and it allows for having one less resource to manage (i.e. Fedora CVS). Right now, I find Fedora CVS a bit annoying as, well, it means using yet-another-version control repository -- and lots of seperate checkins when I want to push content to 3 seperate repos.

However it does rely on the accessibility of those upstream repos. Shouldn't be a major issue. If it's down, no updates.

Branching is one way to tackle this, though I'd really prefer tags.

For each release, the user could log in and specify what tag to build from where. That way I could build the same arbitrary tag identically for FC-6, FC-7, and devel ... if I want.

Which, being upstream and relatively not-caring about the differences between those distros as my source repository already takes care of that, that's usually what I want.

Seems like this could be very slow for the build system, though.

Alternatively, I'd like the same features and be able to push my repository to the Fedora server. Either way, something more flexible and quicker to use would be


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