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Re: Cleanup list

Do we still need fedora.redhat.com ?

On 6/22/07, Dennis Gilmore <dennis ausil us > wrote:
Once upon a time Thursday 21 June 2007, Mike McGrath wrote:
> Mike McGrath wrote:
> > Get the list done
> Wow does this not make sense without context.  And I have on excuse, its
> not even that late.  I was wanting to get a list of things together for
> us to do for the F8 release.  Basically things like streamlining the
> build and release process, efficiencies in koji and mash, as well as
> operational things like the new nagios rollout and accounts system rollout.
> What would everyone on the list like to see for F8?
>     -Mike
get rid of download.fedora.redhat.com  have just download.fedoraproject.org
make sure that all aliases etc point to fedoraproject.org not
fedora.redhat.com i think there are some links on cvs that point to the old
zombie domain.

Secondary Arch support

certainly FAS2


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