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Re: Fedora Magazine RFR

Well I've had my own job to take care of but I've been keeping up with the
list.  I can't tell you how much of a pain it is to try to send a file
update to a unit over a 2.4kbs satellite channel particularly when they
can't stay at periscope depth for any period of time to download a 4mb
file... Had to break it up into a lot of very small zip files.

I do like the idea of a Fedora magazine but I'm afraid it could just fall
into the multitude of ezines out there like some projects I've seen.  It
seems like the focus right now is on a dedicated infrastructure for a
magazine that doesn't exist yet.  I for one would worry less about that and
more about the whole magazine issue itself.  I don't think it's set in yet
about how much work goes into producing a magazine.  I think the more
logical step would be to build a team and actually see if you can pull off
producing a few issues and then break off to it's own website once it's
established.  I've seen more than a few ezine projects die after an issue or
two and it seems like a huge waste in man-hours to set up everything before
that.  Start it off with FWN and then worry about the rest later.

Brandon Jasper, CTN2(SS)
NSSC Bangor N621 Afloat LAN Admin.
SIPRNET: brandon jasper navy smil mil

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Fedora-infrastructure-list redhat com

I have already run a few local print newspapers, so I know the workload and how it all goes. An online magazine would be slightly easier because I don't need to worry about the printing deadlines.

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