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Re: Wiki localization: patch wiki, or work with current tools ?

Le jeudi 28 juin 2007 à 09:45 +0200, Paulo Santos a écrit :
> Here is my suggestion for the time being...
> We will need to add this for each language that its fully translated
> in the wiki
>         RewriteCond     %{HTTP:Accept-Language} ^fr.*
>         RewriteRule     ^/wiki/(.*)$     /wiki/$1_FR [R,L] 
> So mainly, if any request is done by a browser that accepts FR
> language, rewrite the url to whatever it was + the language
> termination that we want.
> The only downside is that we needed to manually add the languages... 
> What do you guys think ?!
Well ... I don't think it would work well.
1. For the moment, even the name of wikipages are localized (Join
becomes fr_FR/RejoindreFedora in French, de_DE/Beitreten in german ...).
But we could decide to use english name everywhere, if this was needed.
2. The wiki will never be fully localized (because there is changes
every hour).

As Dimitris, I think language boxes are better for localization, because
user can come back to localized version of wiki easily, when some pages
he asked for are not translated. And bots could, then, help us a lot.

About *Dict pages, do they work ? Some pages that are in FrenchDict does
not redirect me automatically to localized page.



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