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Re: Streamlining Account Signup Process

Ray Van Dolson wrote:

Also, maybe just a blurb on the EPEL wish list describing an easier way
to request package additions there would be helpful.  Even if it's just
"join the mailing list and ask" or "ask on IRC".  This is like a
question for epel-devel however.

Yep but fixed anyway. See http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/EPEL/WishList

I know one of your guys' overall goals has always been to get more
community involvement, so I figured this was a worthwhile question to
ask.  I know I almost decided that it wasn't worth the effort to join
the FP after seeing all those steps for signup when I just wanted to
contribute one package initially (I'm happy I didn't bail btw)... I
imagine many others feel the same way.

So why didn't you bail out and what are you happy with? Not rhetoric. I am genuinely interested to know.

Thanks for the feedback. We know that editing the wiki for someone not in the edit group is way too complicated than necessary. The underlying problem required legal clarification which we have got recently. The wiki contributors can just require a click through signup but that requires some infrastructure work that hasn't done yet but it is something that needs to be fixed asap.


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