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Re: Alpha Core 3 is available

Am 2007-03-08 17:40, Dennis Gilmore schrieb:
On Thursday 08 March 2007 10:34:59 am Oliver Falk wrote:
Am 2007-03-05 20:52, Oliver Falk schrieb:
Sergey Tikhonov schrieb:
[ ... ]

Thanks to RedHat who accept patches for Alpha.
Hm. They do? Great. However. When core is opened for everyone, I hope
that AC folks will join the community and get (write) access to glibc,
xorg, ... If all alpha-specific things get %ifarch-ed, it shouldn't
interfere with anything.

To have all alpha specific patches in the fedora repository would be
great. Maybe RH/FI (Fedora Infrastructure) is able to add alpha-builders
  to their infrastructure!? That's why I added them CC: :-)

At least from plague I know it's possible to add passive builders to the
list. This means *we* (people who own (spare) alpha machines)) can
install machines with plague or whatever it will be named then,
available to the FI team for building.

I also guess it will not be too hard to add the idea of passive builders
to the new koji (if it hasn't been coded yet). And well. If something
doesn't build on alpha, it - of course - shouldn't break the 'normal'
cycle (i386, x86_64, ppc(?))...

For me questionable points are: Do we also want extras? Or only core?
Will Red Hat support this idea? Will Fedora Board/Fedora Infrastructure
support this idea?

Who votes? Maybe Fedora Board?

We Are planing on adding secondary Archs right now sparc and ia64 are planned

OK. Fine. At least there are plans for sec arches...

alpha if there is a team to support the arch.

Voting myself for supporting it. However, I will - of course - not be able to do this alone. Anyone else standing up? I have a few names in my mind, but don't want to 'speak' 'em out, since those persons must have enough spare time for doin' the job and of course must be willing to do so...

> that want to work with fedora.
Secondary arches will get things built automatically when built for a primary arch.


> Don't forget there is no longer a core/extras distinction.  only

For course, I know.

Aurora currently has core and extras for SPARC. the idea is already out there. the second phase of koji will be adding secondary archs.

OK. So koji will support it sooner or later. I don't know how Aurora does it. Are they in some way connected to the Fedora CVS/the buildsystem?

And another thing. Will package maintainers be aware of the second arches? Do they also receive notification 'bout failed builds on alpha, ia64, sparc? If they don't want to fix bugs on the secondary arches, they should exclude the arch, so the secondary arch builders don't get overloaded with packages that will not build...

my 2 or 3 cent :-)


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