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Re: cvsl10n CVSROOT

On Tue, 2007-03-13 at 17:34 -0400, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> Dimitris Glezos (dimitris glezos com) said: 
> > Our translators have made it clear they want to use a SCM for the translations
> > and said an *additional* web-based tool would be nice. So, let's first create
> > our SCM and we'll see about whether we should use pootle.
> Use *one* SCM. How to gate currently hosted GIT/HG/etc into this is 
> unclear. :/

A first iteration at a solution could look like this:

* Projects, regardless of SCM, generate POT file and use WUI or CLI to
schedule pick-up of their POT into l10n.fp.o

* l10n.fp.o has a WUI that sits in front of >1 SCM and has the ability
  - Translate through the WUI (download POT, upload PO)
  - Use one account (FAS) for all access (regardless of back-end SCM, it
needs a *l10n group that all L10N members are within)
  - Provide statistics across all SCMs

* For translators who want to use the CLI entirely for translations,
they need to work directly with the SCM, however ...

Note that I suggest a CLI for access to the same services the WUI is
providing.  The idea here would be to grow a CLI (fedoral10n?) that acts
like the WUI - it interacts with >1 back-end SCM, uses FAS for auth+,

So, first feature of the fedoral10n CLI would be for developers (and
scripts) to automate the management of POT/PO files.  Second feature
would be to give translators equivalent control that the WUI provides.

This at least is my ideal. :)  Now if I only new Python ...

- Karsten
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