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Re: python-kid on buildsys server

On Thu, 10 May 2007 09:40:50 -0500, Mike McGrath wrote:

> > When I used a local copy of Yum 2.6.x to get something done, I was flamed.
> > When I ask for an official update of an installed rpm, I need a lot
> > of energy to run against closed doors.
> >   
> You weren't flamed, you were denied.  There is a big difference.  Dennis 
> (Our buildsystem officer) and I discussed it and decided the update was 
> not worth the risk (all updates carry risk).

What risk? Where can I read about that? Dennis has not replied to my
public mail either.

Currently, repoview is the only package that requires python-kid on that
machine. Who decides on what packages from that mysterious private repo
are "supported" on that machine or not? Seth?

> I'm sorry but your local 
> copy of yum 2.6 is not supported by the Fedora Infrastructure team.

That "team" has never before said anything about it. The API is needed as
the backend for the Extras multilib resolver, Extras repoclosure, ... and
some other tools. But maybe you misunderstand.

Perhaps I should drop the ball at this point and declare the code
unsupported, too. As I said before, this is turning into a negative
experience for me.

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