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Re: Web lead

Hi Mike!

On 05/10/2007 09:04 PM, Mike McGrath wrote:
We need a new web lead volunteer. Some people have been working on it from time to time. We need someone who can log in and fix the account system when its down and knows how the wiki works. We have a lot of people doing a lot of things but I'd love to get someone dedicated who can contribute regularly maybe an hour a day or at least a few hours a week. Someone who can sit in #fedora-admin and #fedora-web and give more attention to our web and understand how it works.

I have a few people in mind I'd love to have volunteer for this but I know $DAYJOB won't always allow it.

I'd like to volunteer also. I have much experience with web administration. I have no specific experience with MoinMoin, but that's nothing that can't be learned - learning by doin'... :-)

I'm also online in IRC, Yahoo and Jabber most of my working-time (09:00-17:00 UTC+8).

I guess the time difference can be good and bad....


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