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Re: Fedora 7 Launch


Is it possible to get 1GB extra ram for each Proxy and APP server ?
This would double the amount of hits that we can sustain, in the webserver point of view.


On 5/11/07, Mike McGrath <mmcgrath redhat com> wrote:
We've got a lot of prep work to do before Fedora 7 launches.  I'd like
to compile a list so if anything is missing let me know:

1) Static page content: Work with duffy, karsten, ricky and the websites
team to create a nice looking static page.  Even better would be getting
this page into plone.  Here's where it is at now:
http://people.redhat.com/duffy/fedora/web/static-page.html   Ultimately
this page will be distributed to the mirrors in hopes we'll not need to
use them.  The idea is that a GET request followed by a REDIRECT is the
easiest, most efficient operation we can do if our webservers get
overloaded like they did last release.

2) Mirrors.fedoraproject.org: Looking good so far except for the memory
leak which steps have been taken to negate.  We will also need to deploy
this on an additional box.  I have an idea where to put it and hope to
have it up fairly soon.

3) Proxy server upgrades.  Right now our proxy servers are running stock
RHEL4.  We've been meaning to upgrade them to RHEL5 for a while now but
they are on a different network segment then the rest of our hardware
and as such we cannot easily pxe boot them (it would involve a request
to the SOC).  I'm going to put a plan together to do this and minimize
any risk that may come up.  The main benefit being mod_proxy_balancer.
I'm still hoping we can acquire some hardware balancers but this will
help us limp along for this release :)

4) PPC Builder: Is being delivered right now.  Still needs to be
installed, built out put into the koji mix.

What am I missing?


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