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Re: Fedora 7 Launch

The RedHat Load balancing clustering tool (piranha) might looks a bit complex, but in reality, it's just a fancy wrapper around ipvsadm which is the user-space tool for the kernel traffic director. I havent played with Nth module, but ipvsadm is probably more tested.
So, we don't have a hardware balancer ? are we searching for a software balancing solution ?

On 5/11/07, Mike McGrath < mmcgrath redhat com> wrote:
Damian Myerscough wrote:
> Hey Mike,
>> 3) Proxy server upgrades.  Right now our proxy servers are running stock
>> RHEL4.  We've been meaning to upgrade them to RHEL5 for a while now but
>> they are on a different network segment then the rest of our hardware
>> and as such we cannot easily pxe boot them (it would involve a request
>> to the SOC).  I'm going to put a plan together to do this and minimize
>> any risk that may come up.  The main benefit being mod_proxy_balancer.
>> I'm still hoping we can acquire some hardware balancers but this will
>> help us limp along for this release :)
> Have you looked at using iptables for load balancing? Nth module could
> help with this.

Honestly I didn't.  I thought about using some of the RH clustering
suite but it will add a bit more overhead then we want for our current
environment.  Do you have a link to some good documentation for iptables
based load balancing?


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