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Re: Participation

Mike and Fedora Infrastructure team,

Python is only one of my skills. If possible I would like to know where the team needs the most help and I will try to work around your needs. Like I said before, I would like to start small and see how much I can contribute. Thanks again for any feedback. :)

On 5/18/07, Mike McGrath <mmcgrath redhat com> wrote:
Freddie Rosario wrote:
> Hey to all,
> My name is Freddie and I am looking to get involved in Fedora in some
> way. I
> browsed the website and saw that Fedora is looking for people who have
> some
> experience with Linux and Python in general. I would like to donate
> about an
> hour every night or every other night. Does anyone need any help with a
> project? I currently work for Google and have some experience with
> somewhat
> large networks and computing environments. I want to start small and
> work my
> way up. Even though I work for Google, I do not want to give the
> impression
> that I know everything. I am here to learn and help out where I can.
> Thank
> you for your time!

Good to hear.  Anyone have any python tasks for Freedie at the moment?


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