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Re: the mechanics of pushing updates

Once upon a time Thursday 24 May 2007, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> Mmm, plumbing. bodhi is heading for production soon. To push updates, what
> bodhi currently does is, for any update:
> - sign the package
> - copy the package to a 'staging' tree of the entirety of updates
> - read a static list of packages that should be multilib, act on that
> - run createrepo
> - check deps on the repo
> - rsync the whole repo out
> Older updates are cleaned by a cron script later.

We plan on adding auto clean up to bodhi, 

> Other ideas for better workflow? What do the extras push scripts do?
> Do we want to add a modified version of mash's multilib solver into
> bodhi?
Extras keeps the last two versions for releases and last for devel.  Extras 
multilib is all -devel packages and requires with some manual 

we need bodhi  to do update announcements  etc.   So i think that we need to 
make bodhi's multilib better.  probably best to use mash for that.  so we 
have one tool for the job  


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