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Re: Hello

Thanks, I would love to be there, bu the time translates to 1:30am at
night. i dont have net access that late. I work from my colleg. I'll
read up on the minutes, just let me know what i must do!!


On 5/24/07, Mike McGrath <mmcgrath redhat com> wrote:
jose manimala wrote:
> Hey,
>                    my name is jose m manimala. I am a server
> administrator and a web programmar and have good knowledge of web
> technologies(jsp,php,asp,soap,ajax). Hoping i could be of help with
> web server administartion and web technologies. I run a fedora core 6
> machine with tomcat and apache running on it. Have also experience
> with linux kernel compiling and shell scripts.... Hope i can   be of
> help.
> i am doing my graduate studies in cochin, India.

Welcome Jose, will you be able to attend our weekly meeting today?



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Jose M Manimala
S6 Computer science and engineering
Rajagiri School Of Engineering And Technology
Ph: +919846367850
GPGkeyID: 98FF52D2

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