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Re: Distributing static content

On 5/25/07, Mike McGrath <mmcgrath redhat com> wrote:

turbogears apps) around using rpms.  We can do that with tg pretty
easily.  But what about other static content, images, things like that?

This needs to be scriptable from start to finish, here's the options as
I see them:

1.  Straight nfs mount (boo)
2. nfs mount to cron copy the files
3. recursive wget to an http store somewhere
4. rsync via ssh keys or rsync server (I'm currently leaning towards this)
5. Figure out how to make puppet more efficient with large numbers of files.

Another option that may fit into the mix somewhere is proxy caching...
For example, you could have one 'master content server' that is only
accessable to the Fedora machines, and then have all the proxy servers
act as a caching proxy for that content. You may want that type of
thing anyways, to better abstract the path where the files are stored
from the URL the files are available in.

-- Elliot

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