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RFR: svn.fedoraproject.org instance for Certificate System

Project Sponsor
Name: Red Hat
Wiki Name: http://pki-svn.fedora.redhat.com/wiki/Main_Page
Infrastructure Sponsor: Red Hat
Owners/Contacts @ Red Hat: Thomas Kwan, Matt Harmsen, Steve Parkinson, Margaret Lum

Project Info
Project Name: Certificate System   
Target Audience: folks interested in Open Source PKI software
Expiration Date (required): indefinite
Description/Summary: This project is an enterprise-class Open Source Certificate System for Linux, supporting certificate management, key archival, OCSP support and smartcard life-cycle management.
Project plan (Detailed) and Goals: Review documentation here: http://pki-svn.fedora.redhat.com/wiki/Documentation. 

Specific resources needed:
We require an svn.fedoraproject.org instance for the following repositories:

Additional Info
Please contact me further for enabling the ACLs on each repository.  Initially, I would like these to be CLOSED to non-redhat.com domains, while we start importing code into the repository.  Also, must I submit RFRs for code imports, or can I import these directly?

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