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Re: Hello

thanks that will help. so what should i do first. go through some
design documents will help me get the structure of new applications
and maybe you can point me to a project plan or something. just let me
know!! Thanks jose

On 5/26/07, Freddie Rosario <frosario777 gmail com> wrote:
Hey Jose,

Since you have prior programming experience I suggest looking at this


It skips all the beginner sections and tossing you right into python. It is
a very good resource. I am familiar with python and can give you a helping
hand if you want it. Good luck Jose and welcome to the list!

On 5/24/07, jose manimala <josemanimala gmail com> wrote:
> sure i dont mind learning python. just tell me what to do and where to
> start.
> regards
> jose m manimala
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