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Re: Hello

On Sat, 2007-05-26 at 11:12 +0530, jose manimala wrote:
> thanks that will help. so what should i do first. go through some
> design documents will help me get the structure of new applications
> and maybe you can point me to a project plan or something. just let me
> know!! Thanks jose

Cool.  Something that would be very useful and a good way to start would
be to work on a new voting/polling application.  We have something that
is adequate enough that we haven't allocated time to replace it but has
some definite failings.

The current code is here::

You'll probably be most interested in the votingdb.sql file as the plan
is to discard the rest of the code and recreate it as a TurboGears
application.  I can write a bit more on Monday about what the vision is
for the new application but one thing you can get started on right away
is enhancing/rewriting the DB tables to meet some of our new goals::

1) multi-issue ballots.  We want to be able to say there will be an
election right after Fedora 7.  FESCo, The Board, and the following
referendum will be on the ballot.
  - Note that different groups can vote on different topics.  So someone
in cvsextras and cvsdocs might vote for different issues than someone in
cvsextras and ambassadors.

2) Polls.  The current code does not support referendums (like "What
should the name of Fedora 7 be?")  I hacked up the copy on the server to
do that *instead* of voting for candidates for a steering committee but
it's not the way to go for the future.  We need to provide real support
for polls and referendum.  (I can provide you with the schema for the
additional tables I created on Monday.)

3) Other ideas you think would be good for a voting application.  I'll
also search my notes to see if I can find anything else that would
impinge on the DB while I'm organizing them.

Since the plan is for this to be a TurboGears app, you can also just
start learning TurboGears and I'll provide more help with the specifics
of the voting app next week.


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