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Re: Suggestion for BitTorrent page - Fedora 7

On 5/31/07, Julian Yap <julianokyap gmail com> wrote:
The new downloads for Fedora 7 are different from previous releases.
This gives you an initial 'Hmm' when deciding what to download.

Suggest, adding description of media required for each torrent for Fedora 7.

Current: Fedora 7 i386
Proposed: Fedora 7 - single DVD image for i386

Otherwise you don't initially know if that 2.8G torrent requires 5 CDs or 1 DVD.

This page is also linked from the front page:

It needs to be updated to be Fedora 7 specific.

eg. Why would you want to download the Live CD image vs. the DVD
image?  What is not included in the CD image?

- Julian

I'll update the page[1] today.
Thomas Chung

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