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Re: wiki madness

On 02.11.2007 01:26, Karsten Wade wrote:
> So ... I'm seeing the comments fly around that replacing Moin Moin is
> the solution to solving our Wiki woes.  For your consideration, I submit
> the following details.  Thus we can all possess the same set of facts to
> work from.  I'm not arguing for or against a tooling change.  I just
> don't want Fedora Documentation to end up in a worse position. :)

Here are my 2 cent:

Lot's of our contributors (Docs, Packaging, ...) are used to moin moin
and know how it works. We want them to improve our docs and help in the
wiki -- by changing the wiki we force them to learn something new and
that creates a non-trivial "entry" burden, which I think we should avoid
the best we can if there isn't a good reasons. Sure, most easy stuff
will work similar in another wiki, but there is some more advanced stuff
that won't.

IOW: Work around the problem (by disabling individual subscriptions and
instead sending everything to a mailinglist which people can subscribe
to and filter) is of course some work for someone (¹), but it's likely a
lot less work in total then for hundreds of people to learn a different


(¹) -- no, I'm not volunteering. We all have different areas of the
project where we work on, and I have enough on my todo-list already for
those areas. In fact I can live with the current situation.

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