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Re: Contribution in List

claudemir daluz redlinks com br wrote:
Hi List,

My name is Claudemir da Luz Jr. And I work with the Platform Linux are 7

I spent by various distros as in the beginning with Slackware, RedHat,
Conectiva (distribution Brasileira), Mandriva.

I have extensive experience in administration of networks.

I have skills to develop kernel modules, kernel hacking and drivers.

When I am creating RPM packages for Bash, perl and new software.

Depending on the subject I have a good knowledge in the language C.

Already with libnewt and several other libs. And finally ...

Linux is in my life to a long time. And I would like to dedicate a part of
it to the Fedora Project.

Big hugs to all,

Claudemir Jr.

Welcome Claudemir! Is there a specific project or task you're interested in working on? Infrastructure is just one team to which you can contribute.


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