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Re: 2 mirrorlist changes for this week

Matt Domsch wrote:
On Mon, Nov 05, 2007 at 08:15:07AM -0800, Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
Matt Domsch wrote:

2) If a user isn't resolved by GeoIP, they will be given the global
  list, but without excluding mirrors who have an Exclusive Country
  set (e.g. Vasile's server really only wants traffic from .md users,
  but he sees global users).  This requires a change to
  mirrorlist_server.py trim_by_client_country() which I haven't made
  yet, but will look into doing so.  We should make this change to
  provide better accurate clients to our mirrors to keep their
  expenses down.  I'll post the patch here for review before implementing.
I'm not sure how invasive this will be but it does sound like something we want to keep our mirrors happy. Maybe seeing the patch first will
be better for deciding if it's too big a change during the freeze.

Here's the resulting function.  I think this is very clear code now,
and it works for me tested against live data on pt1.

def trim_by_client_country(hostresults, clientCountry):
    results = []
    for hostid, hcurl in hostresults:
        if hostid not in host_country_allowed_cache or \
                clientCountry in host_country_allowed_cache[hostid]:
            results.append((hostid, hcurl))
    return results

Patch follows.

+1 from me, can I get atleast a +1 from someone else in sysadmin-main? Its tested, low risk (as in we can roll back if there's any issues)


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