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Re: F8 postmortem

Matt Domsch wrote:
Here are a few thoughts on the F8 release, from the mirror manager
perspective. :-)

Handoff from rel-eng to IS to put on masters worked great, all the
bits were landed by Monday morning.

Content on the masters wasn't hardlinked at first, which caused some
churn and unnecessary downloading.  A tree that was hardlinked from rawhide,
carrying only i386 and x86_64, would have downloaded only 12GB instead
of 109GB for the full unhardlinked tree.  Let's be sure the tree is hardlinked.

Permissions on dirs/files on the mirror should be revisited.
All directories should be 0750 and files should be 0640 before the
bitflip, to prevent leaks. vsftpd will serve a file with a known name
and perms 0644 even if the directory or one above it is 0750.  Apache
won't.  Let's be sure to use these permissions.

Release day bitflip was 30 minutes later than expected, which caused
churn for our mirroradmins.  Can this be a scheduled cronjob?

Additionally, we need to flip the bit before we release it on the website.


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