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Fedora 8 - A release in review.

For those on the list that don't actively participate in discussion, Fedora Infrastructure uses time-lines roughly related to the releases that come out. This works out well for us as major changes to our infrastructure typically are aligned well with a release. So in saying that, here's a quick look back on stuff we did for fedora 8. This list is FAR from exhaustive, but gives a good view:

Fedora 8 Website: A lot of stuff changed on the Fedora 8 website this time around. Not as drastic of a change as last time in terms of looks, but a lot of changes in how we build it. It has already been translated into many languages. Its been replicated to multiple locations (with one or two more to come). This served us well when PHX fell off the planet during our release.

DB1 upgrade: DB1 was our only DB server for a long time. We upgraded the OS and versions of Postgres and Mysql. Then split it up into two boxes. One on DB1 (MySQL) and one on DB2 (Postgres). The two send snapshots of eachother around. Its also worth noting that DB2 is now on better hardware and is virtualized and run over iscsi.

Two clicks to live CD: A simple and obvious thing to do but took coordination and work to actually implement. It has made our systems more user friendly and allowed us to completely re-do what download.fedoraproject.org is. Major props to Matt Domsch on that for creating the ability in Mirror Manager.

Change Freeze: We officially had a change freeze this time around. Aside from some failed hardware. It went well. We're gaining more discipline in our infrastructure while still remaining adaptable to change. A tricky task. But I hope to see more of it during Fedora 9.

Hosted: We implemented a hosted solution (still not quite "official" but being worked on). Think about hosted for a moment. We haven't announced it and basically word of mouth has made it what it is already. We support multiple source control mechanisms and its possibilities are quite limitless. Ticketing system: Otrs is gone, Trac replaced it. Hurray! We actually use this system. Its easy to use and its how I'm getting this list of things we completed :) (note to someone that happens upon this. OTRS is a great tool, just the wrong tool for our needs)

New backup system: We're using bacula now instead of backuppc. Its still got some bugs and is in desperate need of a proper storage backend. But it is something we setup and got working.

Package Database: Toshio wrote a package database where there just was none before. It's very useful and will continue to become more useful as we integrate our systems.

fedorapeople.org: Amazing how popular this turned out to be. People host code, scm's, all sorts of stuff. Its been quite useful.

Ibiblio mirror: A small thing but has been useful. We have an ibiblio mirror. It's proved we can run one outside of Red Hat's control and it's even allowed us to fix up some mistakes we made quicker then syncing from Phoenix.

Proxy Caching: Probably one of THE most useful (for Fedora Infrastructure) parts of our release this time around has been proxy caching. It has had a major impact on how often our application servers actually serve pages. We've even made things easier on the wiki.

Open Infrastructure: We did do some major reorganization during the F8 release. We have more groups then ever, more sponsors then ever and more contributors then ever in Infrastructure. We continue to need to expand a bit and harden our actual procedures but the team is strong and thats good.

Voip: Our asterisk server was up and running in time for FudCon. I should remind everyone that this went from "nothingness" to an open working solution in a matter of days and ready for our virtual fudcon. Major props to dgilmore, jcollie and skvidal. In Fedora 9 we'll build some more dedicated boxes to this. Hopefully it can become a major helpful tool for training, meetings, etc.

VPN: In response to our decentralization we've decided to implement a vpn solution. Much of it is in place with more to come as we create more machines.

Respins: spins.fedoraproject.org is up and running. It's still very basic but as we get more time, we'll be implementing more and more as our new torrent box comes online.

start.fedoraproject.org:  Well, our end is up anyway :)

translate.fedoraproject.org: A brand new for us website that, when combined with transifex, will allow us to bring our software to more people then ever.

maps: how cool are maps? http://fedoraproject.org/maps/ We got'em and they're great! Upgrades and other stuff: Even after adding all of this stuff, we've made a lot of our current systems better through virtualization and upgrades. Ok, I'm done. If there's something I've forgotten that you'd like to add. It's a list, reply! I'm incredibly happy with all the work we've done in the last 6 months.

Stay tuned for the "Fedora 9 - A release in preview". Start thinking of things that are important to you and what you'd like to see done for Fedora 9. We'll discuss it in that thread, then at the next meeting.


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