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Re: hosting git conversion of Fedora CVS tree on fedora infrastructure?

On Tue, Nov 20, 2007 at 08:39:20AM -0600, Mike McGrath wrote:

> >>The git tree is currently a read-only (slave) version of the CVS
> >>tree, and I expect it to stay that way for some time.  But even though
> >>Fedora isn't switching VCSes at this point, I think it would still
> >>make sense to have git/hg/random-other-VCS conversions of the Fedora
> >>CVS tree publically available ...
> >
> >+1 to the general idea.
> >
> >Are you interested in building and maintaining the solution in Fedora
> >Infrastructure?  Just asking as a bystander ... :)
> What problem are we trying to solve by doing this or what added 
> functionality will we get that people can't get by just downloading
> a snapshot and importing it into git themselves?

As far as I can see, the wegfiles snapshots are CVS checkouts, and
don't contain history information.  As such, you don't get the ability
to view history locally, or to easily work with multiple branches, or
some of the other things I described here:


(If you wanted to perform the conversion with history on your local
machine, you'd have to rsync the entire Fedora CVS tree, weighing in
at about 250k files.)

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