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Fedora 9 - A release preview

So what do we want to see by the Fedora 9 release? Here's a list I'd like to see:

1) Remove all of our FC6 boxes (either by upgrade or move to RHEL)

2) Separate Test infrastructure - Right now we have people using test boxes that connect to production databases and information. This needs to stop. (I understand luke and dgilmore have had some discussions about this already)

3) Finalized backup solution and koji share (we are out of room for both backups and koji)

4) Further hardening of our systems. Implementing puppet has done a lot of good but there's more that needs to be done. This includes making sure all boxes come up as expected on reboot. Ensuring we have some sort of management system in place for our xen guests that can run on multiple hosts.

5) Further system replication - Anything related to distribution or the primary website (including docs, and mirrors) should be able to run while PHX is down. Its already pretty close to that.

6) New torrent server

7)  New collaboration servers

8) Move hosted out of PHX and on to new server beach systems. This will likely include creating a new "hosted" group.

9) FAS2 - This will be a big project and is one I'm hoping to accomplish prior to F9 test1. Ricky has done some great work with it, we'll see what it takes to finish it off.

10) Better systems integration - Many of our systems now support different rss feeds and such. We can more easily integrate these systems together with groups, koji, pkgdb, FAS2, bodhi, you name it.

11) Fewer new systems - This goes along with all the stuff we did to get F7 and F8 ready. For F9 I'd like to see the team take a bit more time taking each project to focus on that last 10%. Its always harder then it seems and with the FAS switchover I feel its important.

:: whew ::

I'd like to spend time at next week's meeting (I'll likely not be at this weeks meeting) talking about what is important for the individuals in the rest of the team to get done. After that meeting we'll have a F9 milestone in place and populated with tickets.
What else do you guys want to do in the next 6 months?

Whats important to you not only as a Fedora Infrastructure member, but as a contributor?


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