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Re: Fedora 9 - A release preview

On Wednesday 21 November 2007, Mike McGrath wrote:

> 9) FAS2 - This will be a big project and is one I'm hoping to accomplish
> prior to F9 test1.  Ricky has done some great work with it, we'll see
> what it takes to finish it off.

this will be good to see it finalised

> 10) Better systems integration - Many of our systems now support
> different rss feeds and such.  We can more easily integrate these
> systems together with groups, koji, pkgdb, FAS2, bodhi, you name it.

use ssl auth as an option across all web based apps.  

> 11) Fewer new systems - This goes along with all the stuff we did to get
> F7 and F8 ready.  For F9 I'd like to see the team take a bit more time
> taking each project to focus on that last 10%.  Its always harder then
> it seems and with the FAS switchover I feel its important.
> :: whew ::
> I'd like to spend time at next week's meeting (I'll likely not be at
> this weeks meeting) talking about what is important for the individuals
> in the rest of the team to get done.  After that meeting we'll have a F9
> milestone in place and populated with tickets.
> What else do you guys want to do in the next 6 months?

better integration with downstream from us projects.  like OLPC  not sure 
exactly how and what yet.  

get a concrete plan in place to evaluate the use of cvs for package 
maintenance. and evaluate if we move to something else at all,  with a plan 
to have it implemented for F10 if the decision is to move away from cvs

> Whats important to you not only as a Fedora Infrastructure member, but
> as a contributor?

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