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Re: Fedora 9 - A release preview

Mike McGrath wrote:
So what do we want to see by the Fedora 9 release? Here's a list I'd like to see:

1) Remove all of our FC6 boxes (either by upgrade or move to RHEL)

For the TurboGears apps, this should be pretty easy to do (FC6 and RHEL5 are very close).

2) Separate Test infrastructure - Right now we have people using test boxes that connect to production databases and information. This needs to stop. (I understand luke and dgilmore have had some discussions about this already)

We're going to need to get FAS2 up and running and expose information either directly via LDAP or via JSON-RPC for this to work. That's definitely a good thing; I just want to mention that we have to get that working first.

8) Move hosted out of PHX and on to new server beach systems. This will likely include creating a new "hosted" group.

Are we going to consider anything in the git/bzr/hg/svn repositories to be hosted for this purpose? A few things in there pre-date tthe existence of hosted.

9) FAS2 - This will be a big project and is one I'm hoping to accomplish prior to F9 test1. Ricky has done some great work with it, we'll see what it takes to finish it off.

Thanks Ricky! This is an important piece as there's potentially a lot of porting that needs to be done once it is finished.


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