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Log analyzer improvements, ticket #226

Hi all,

I'm following up from ticket #226, which is tracking improvements to the log analyzer system.
This would be what analyzers the logs on lockbox, which is the syslog host for infrastructure machines:

I wanted to capture what we wanted the new analyzer to do.  
Main feedback I had from discussion in #fedora-admin was a need for more signal, less noise:
the current 'analyzed' logs were too verbose and had too much cruft.

Did I capture that requirement?  
Are there other requirements besides improving the presentation?
Anything else that people feel they need from the log analyzer that they aren't getting?

Currently Epylog is used - I did some looking around, and I'm not seeing something that looks like its any better.
If someone knows another open source log analyzer they think would be much better, I'd like to hear.
Else, my plan is to continue with Epylog, reconfigure it... and if really needed to get what we need, patch it and contribute upstream.

Thanks all, hope everyone is having a good weekend.


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