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Re: Restart TG apps for high mem-usage

Bill Nottingham wrote:
Toshio Kuratomi (a badger gmail com) said:
Here's a short script to test our TG apps run via supervisor for excessive memory usage and restart them if necessary. We could run this via cron in alternate hours on each app server. Does this seem like a good or bad idea to people?

It's a good idea if it's needed, but it's a bad idea that it is needed. What's
wrong with TG that it leads to this situation?

We have small memory leaks with all our TG apps. This has only been a problem for mirrormanager in the past and smolt this past month. At first I thought that the leaks were directly related to how many requests were served (mirrormanager had troubles when it was serving every request for a mirror and smolt had trouble when it was serving the updating clients at the beginning of this month.)

I thought that it was caused purely by the number of requests served, however, the packagedb has been serving a large number of requests lately and hasn't climbed at nearly the same rate. So something in the design of smolt and mirrormanager is leaking beyond the baseline that we're seeing with all the TG apps.


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