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Re: Updated hostedreposync proposal

Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
Since opening up creation of hosted sites by people other than Jesse we've had to straighten out a few steps here and there that the people we want to manage the site have not been able to perform on their own. One of those is the script that rsyncs the source repositories from cvs-int to lockbox (where it is stored on the netapp.) This script, hostedreposync, needs to be updated with the names of the new hosted repositories in order to sync them.

I'm attaching a new hostedreposync that would rsync the whole $SCM/hosted tree from cvs-int to the netapp instead of cherry picking the individual repositories. This allows us to stop editing the hostedreposync script every time a new hosted repository is added but it does have some differences with the current script:

1) More repositories are pulled over. I count 39 repositories that are present in the hosted trees on cvs-int that aren't listed in the current hostedreposync script that will now be pulled over.

2) Old repositories will be deleted from the netapp. These repositories are present on the netapp but not on cvs-int and would be erased with the new script:
  pungi.bak (there is a pungi repo)
  mock (probably replaced by mock.git)
  func (probably replaced by func.git)

+1 from me.


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