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Re: Updated hostedreposync proposal

Paulo Santos wrote:
+1 from me also, but i still have an issue/doubt.

One of the steps while creating a new hosted project, is the repo
creation, in cvs-int to which I (and dont know about Ricky) still
can't do. And without it there isn't much i can help with. If i'm not
mistaken, after the CVS box is rebuilt this problem will be taken care
of correct ?

We should be able to create a new group to shepherd hosted at that time, yes. Currently, with hosted and the packaging repository on the same server we have to regulate access to it more tightly.

Ricky happened to be on IRC at the right time so he got the ability to log into cvs-int and filesystem acls were setup to allow him to access the hosted repos but not the package repo. Since the new hosted box is imminent I'd like to wait for that and set you up via a sysadmin-hosted FAS group that gives you the needed permissions but if something delays it we'll need to do the same thing for you.


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