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Re: hosting git conversion of Fedora CVS tree on fedora infrastructure?

Mike McGrath <mmcgrath redhat com> wrote:
> Jim Meyering wrote:
>> Mike McGrath <mmcgrath redhat com> wrote:
>>> tried this, its not an easy task.  But adding an additional SCM for
>>> GIT which is JUST a copy of what's in CVS sounds like a waste of our
>>> resources.  Why not also do SVN, BZR and Mercurial?
>> IMHO, they're not as useful.
> And thats the real trick, I'd imagine the mercurial, svn and bzr guys
> would disagree with you.
>> If Fedora doesn't want to do this, I can probably set up
>> something independent and provide public git:// access.
> If someone else wants to host it I'm all for it, we can certainly make
> it easier to get at the raw CVS repo.  If the other officers disagree
> please let it be known, but this sounds more like a distraction/one
> off then something that adds value to our infrastructure.

At 5GB+, (4.5GB for a copy of the cvs repo + 700MB for git) that's too
heavy for me.  And besides, it'd really be better under the Fedora
umbrella.  Seeing as how much more efficient the git protocol is,
if a few people switch to it from cvs, it'd actually decrease network
bandwidth requirements.

Is there anything I can do to revive this idea?
For example, I'd be happy to own and set up the tools/infrastructure
required to make it all work (I've already done this on three public servers).
All I'd need is an open git port and access to the config files.


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