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Re: mirrormanager future features

Matt Domsch wrote:
MirrorManager, for what I really wanted to see by the Fedora 7
release, has been a success.

You're right, it is! I've set up this preferred netblock and any of the roaming clients in my home network can just use stock fedora-*repo configuration (as can my servers but they use static configuration anyway) ;-)

Anything else people really need to see?

Is there a way to 'query' the mirrorlist and telling it explicitly to not use any preferred netblock?

Could we possible filter by protocol (http/ftp, rsync)?

I'm not sure this one is still current, but formerly I had to move around directories because some mirror I was syncing from did not use the exact same full tree the master mirror was; if it is still current, could that be flagged and filtered on-request by mirror-manager?


Thank you!

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

C6B0 7FB4 43E6 CDDA D258  F70B 28DE 9FDA 9342 BF08

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