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Architectural Changes

As we talked about in the meeting yesterday we have a new sponsor (http://www.teliasonera.com/). There are a couple of others in the works (I don't want to officially announce until its finalized) but one thing is clear. Pretty soon we're going to have multiple proxy servers outside of PHX. The end goal here would be to use mod_geoip to re-direct people to their nearest location but we're going to take baby steps to get there. Here are the steps as I see them.

1) Finalize the caching stuff paulobanon has been working on.
2) VPN
3) Setup 1 remote proxy server and test
4) Get DNS setup properly to direct people to the proxy servers in a RR format
5) mod_geoip.

4) is still a little fuzzy in my mind. Right now we're using Bind for DNS and, AFAIK, the version we're using does not have support for geoip. So my thought is using mod_geoip to direct people to (for example) de1.fedoraproject.org or us2.fedoraproject.org. I'm still a little unclear on the best way to do this in our environment. Those keeping an eye on the commit logs will have noticed the odd commit for t.fedoraproject.org. So, for example:

ping -c1 t.fedoraproject.org

For me seems to do the right thing. I get basically a RR balanced IP between 3 addresses (fp.o, yahoo and google) I just picked two ip's that weren't ours to balance around. The thing, for me at least, is I get fp.o every time if I use FireFox. This is over many days on different computers. I've seen FF bring up the google ip once. So I ask those on the list to go to http://t.fedoraproject.org/ and just tell me what you get. Or, even better, explain to me what the heck is going on there, I have one theory about first requests to DNS vs named caching in FF and name caching elsewhere. But we've had different people get many different results (some get wget to RR, some with wget always get the same thing, same with curl, lynx, w3m, and HEAD) More investigation is needed.

2) is something I'm working on now. VPN will only be for external servers (not users). We've actually already had a few issues we've had to overcome in strange ways from external servers that could have been fixed by a VPN. (puppet and bacula backups immediately come to mind) We'll tightly control (iptables) what these boxes have access to on the vpn server (bastion). We'll keep the ttl on our load balanced products lower so that if something does go wrong with one of them, we can easily take it out of the mix.

The reason for 2) is so we don't have to maintain multiple different proxy server types. If we use VPN we can treat each server the same, just like the ones we have now which keeps it maintainable.

Questions / Comments / Suggestions?


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