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Re: rename InitialCC in CVS Request Template to watchbugzilla

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Till Maas wrote:
> Aloas,
> I am not sure, but I guess that InitialCC: in New Package CVS Request  (and 
> the CC entries in Package Change Request) correspond to the "watchbugzilla" 
> right in the PackageDB. Therefore please rename it.
Currently, initialcc is setup to emulate the owners.list behavior.  So
InitialCC in the template sets watchbugzilla and watchcommits.  The plan
is for this to become entirely self-serve soon.  So it may no longer be
on the template at all.

> And how is one supposed to add someone to watchcommit and commit with a New 
> Pacakge CVS Request? Or is this something that needs to be done via the 
> PackageDB interface?
Currently, to set up everything at new package import, you
need to request either cclist or comaintainer.  CCList will grant
watchcommit and watchbugzilla.  Comaintainer will grant commit, watch*,
and approveacls.  You can then customize this on the PackageDB interface.

To add someone to a package using only the PackageDB page you need first
to have the person request the acls.  Then you approve them.  In the
future, I want to streamline this in two ways:
 1) Allow package owners (and people with approveacls) to add new people
to the package without them requesting it first.
 2) Autoapprove requests for watchcommit and watchbugzilla.

- -Toshio

- -Toshio
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