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[Fwd: Fedora 7 update data not valid, do not sync.]

FYI everyone (see FWD). I've also disabled the MM crawler until this re-sync is finished. I predict that the result will be MM sending people to some mirrors which will, at some point, contain the bad data. Once the sync is finished and we are comfortable with it we'll re-enable the job.


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Due to a configuration error, the content in the Fedora 7 updates
directory got removed.  If you have any automated processes that would
sync Fedora 7 updates, it is advised that you turn them off for the
time being.  We are re-populating the content from the build system but
this will take some time (hours).  I will respond to this when it
finishes (if I'm still awake) and it is safe to sync updates once
more.  No new updates will be processed until this is fixed.

Jesse Keating
Fedora -- All my bits are free, are yours?

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