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Introduction (Christopher Vandeventer)

Good Day,

I'm a student entering my senior year of Software Engineering in the USA, Nashville TN. I made the jump to Fedora about 6 months ago to help me with my 'weekend'-business. I'll be lurking at the meetings to keep up, and I'll offer any assistance I can, however much of this information is still beyond my grasp at the moment. I'm focusing most of my current resources on learning how to provide & maintain system services, however my future goal is in project management on open source platforms so I do tend to have a bit of the benefits and problems of 'jack of all trades.'

I'm going to be working with Ambassadors lists as I'll be doing the people-person thing for a few years while I gain more experience. I currently do remote maintenance for the Novell system & network at a hospital in NYC, and have both CNA & Net+ certifications - attempting for the LPIC-1 by mid '08. I have started applying for junior level admin positions, I'll update the profile page on the status if I do receive a position supporting linux.

My Fedora wiki will have my contact info & website within the next week. Thanks for giving people the chance to gain experience on Fedora through volunteering. As the years pass, I plan to work with the Ambassadors and Translators (Spanish), and possibly some developing, before focusing entirely here.

I thought it would be appropriate to say Hello though, as I will be reading your communications.

Van -

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