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Intro / application for Sysadmin group. Request for sponsor

I need a sponsor.

My name is Mark Hutchinson. I have about 10 year experience with Linux/Unix. I am an RHCE and working toward my RHCA. My experience is primarily in Oil/Gas and ISP. ( I will attach my resume as well )

I am a contractor currently for a Large Oil/Gas company and look after local and global Linux environments. I have also worked with NIS and LDAP quite a bit over the years.

I am In Calgary, Alberta Canada ( MST )

I would like to be involved in the build and admin of environments. Though testing would also interest me as well. Giving a little back would be great as I have been using Fedora and RedHat for many years as an end user.
My experience related to what is needed:

   * Web clustering - done with HA - Failover
   * Building and build environments - I have built many many
     environments for multiple purposes
   * Monitoring - Nagios and BigBrother extensively
   * Virtualization - Mostly with VMware but learning XEN now as well.
   * Source control management - I would like to learn more here
   * Script writers and automators - Lots of standard admin scripts and
notification / automation script work in bash.

   * Years experience.
   * Skills (especially those listed below in "What we are looking for").
   * Specific tasks you are interested in working on.
   * Current Location / Time Zone.
   * Why you are interested in working on the team.
   * Resume CV (not required, but a good idea)

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