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app servers updated

I've built and added to the fedora-infrastructure repo the following packages:

* fas-clients -- Contains a backported patch so we don't see deprecation warnings when run with the new python-fedora. * fas -- Contains one backported patch that we're currently running on fas1 and fas2. * python-sqlalchemy -- Major version upgrade. from 0.3 => 0.4. AFAIK this update only affects smolt and packagedb, both of which have been ported and tested with this release. * fedora-packagedb -- Major changes to support SQLAlchemy 0.4 and to re-optimize some code paths for FAS2. This release should be much faster for certain operations like viewing the firefox page or mass branching. * python-fedora -- Major changes. removed all FAS1 code. Moved BaseClient and deprecated the old location. Updated json.py for SQLAlchemy-0.4. Added a kludge for bz_email handling. Threaded jsonfasvisit so it contacts the fas server less often.

fas-clients, python-sqlalchemy, fedora-packagedb, and python-fedora have been installed on app2, app4, and app5.vpn. These are our TurboGears app servers. I haven't installed them on fas1 & fas2 or any of the other machines yet. We can do that if we want or wait until after the change freeze.

*If there's any problems with the new packagedb or other TurboGears apps please contact me so I can look at fixing it or rolling back these changes before the change freeze. (abadger1999 on freenode)*

The next version of python-fedora will likely have some incompatible changes to the interface between BaseClient and the Server. Those changes will make error handling between the Server and Clients better and standardize some of the things that we currently do in an ad hoc fashion but will require modifications of all the servers that talk to clients in order to work.

I'll let people know when I have a new version of BaseClient ready to test against. The specification from the server side view is here::



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